Artificial Intelligence & Innovation (Andy Warhol ... Leonard Cohen)

donderdag, 25 april 2019

Leuven - Gaston Geenslaan 11 B4

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Past, Present & Future of AI: Towards Superintelligence

Deevid De Meyer // Brainjar

Due to the constant and rapid innovations of the fast few years, everybody is talking about Artificial Intelligence. But behind this exciting world of Speech Recognition, Computer Vision, Semantic Document Searching, etc. remains the holy grail of AI: General Artificial Intelligence. An AI with the general reasoning power of a human would be the most radical invention humanity has ever made, many even calling it “Humanity’s last invention”. But why is this the case? How would GAI change the world exactly? How far are we? And why is GAI both mortally feared and eagerly anticipated? This talk will try to answer all these questions and more, but be warned: You might lose a few nights of sleep!

Innovatie: van Andy Warhol tot Leonard Cohen

Bert Van Wassenhove // TheCofoundry

Innovation is crucial for companies to survive in the long run. It’s not even a differentiator anymore, it is as important to a company as product management, operational excellence or sales. At the same time, the things that make innovation work go against many of our natural reflexes, they defy common knowledge and go against existing structures. Breaking with our nature, our habits and structures frightens people, that is why innovation is so difficult. Let’s have a look what it takes to foster innovation and how you can implement some of these concepts in real life.

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Date & time

donderdag, 25 april 2019
From 17:45 till 20:30


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