Ansible & JavaScript debug tools

donderdag, 29 november 2018

Leuven - Gaston Geenslaan 11 B4

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Automating everything with Ansible

Martijn Cielen // Piros

Ansible is een open source configuratie, implementatie- en orkestratie software. Het is in veel opzichten uniek in vergelijking met andere managementtools. Als doel wilt Ansible een grote productiviteitswinst behalen voor een arsenaal aan automatiseringsuitdagingen. Tevens is het ook een meer productieve vervanging van vele kernmogelijkheden in andere automatiseringsoplossingen.

We laten je in deze demo zien hoe je je volledige IT Infrastructuur (en meer) kan automatiseren met Ansible.

Correctly using js debug tools (killing off console.log)

Karel Kremer // Craftworkz

Too many developers are clueless when it comes to debugging in javascript. They go around desperately using log statements to try and grasp what their code is doing, never even getting close to a solution for their problem.

It's time to change all that. This session will demonstrate how to effectively use debug tools to solve problems in your code. We'll do this through a running example, but the session is completely framework agnostic, so the practices work for any Angular, React or Ember application. Even for Node. We'll be using the chrome debugger as it's freely available and its feature set is very extensive. The talk will start easy with breakpoints and variable inspection, but then dig deeper through the DOM tree, network tab, call stack and profiling options. By the end of the session, your new debugging powers will make you cleave through javascript code like never before.

Closing & Networking
Date & time

donderdag, 29 november 2018
From 17:45 till 20:30


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